Supreme Photo Booth: Not all Photo Booths are the same :)

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There are soooooo many Photo Booths out there now, it’s hard to decipher what is what! There is one thing that’s certain! It’s true, Not all PHOTO BOOTHS are the same!! Trust us and do some quick research! Don’t just go for the cheapest Booth on groupon or gigmasters!

Here is some humble advice for all brides: Ask the following Questions!

1. Do they have experience? Have they been to your venue? How long have they been doing this?
2. Do they offer UNLIMITED pictures!
3. What kind of equipment do they use?? (very important)
4. How many people can you fit inside? Is it a small old-fashion sit down booth? We highly recommend flexible booths that can fit at least 6 to 10 people inside. Also, can it be enclosed and open air?
5. What kind of printer are they using?
6. Do they include props, scrapbook, flash drive, online gallery etc?? YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING for your wedding!
7. DO THEY HAVE REVIEWS!!! GOOGLE THEM!! Trust me for your wedding make sure they have solid reviews!! If you google them and can’t find anything. STAY AWAY!! It’s your wedding we’re talking about!!
8. Do they have video option?? Normally for a back yard barbeque this doesn’t matter, but for your wedding, video messages can be a great extra feature!!
9. Do you own the pictures? Will they be up online?
10. Are they on The KNOT or WEDDING WIRE? In our experience the best are all on these sites!
11. Did they call you? Or did you just get some generic email they send out to everyone???

Do some quick HOMEWORK and go with your GUT!!

CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!! What an exciting time!!

-Drew Rose (owner)
Supreme Photo Booth